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Driving Tips foR tassie

Keep left

We drive on the left side of the road in Tasmania, all drivers must keep left of the centre of the road unless overtaking or turning right.

Driving in Tasmania

Visit for all you need to know about Driving in Tasmania.

Driver's Licence

An international visitor may drive in Australia on a valid overseas driver's licence as long as it is for the same class of vehicle. Always carry your licence when driving. If your licence is not in English, you must carry a translation. An international driver's permit must be accompanied by a valid driver's permit.

Petrol Prices

Petrol in Australia comes in premium, unleaded and leaded grades and is sold by the litre. Petrol prices can be higher in country and remote areas. Please also note that whilst fuel stops are generally plentiful it is recommended that you maintain a full fuel tank, especially if travelling late at night. Most fuel outlets accept most major credit cards.


Parking of vehicles and disabled parking is controlled by the various local government authorities throughout Tasmania. In major cities, parking areas will often have pole signage advising of parking restrictions. Please ensure you observe parking restrictions. Most major towns and cities use different types of parking meters or ticket vending machines so be sure to check and pay applicable parking fees.

Drink driving

Strict drink-driving laws apply in Tasmania. Random breath testing, for the checking of blood alcohol levels, is conducted throughout Tasmania on a regular basis. All insurance is invalid if drivers exceed the legal alcohol limit in Tasmania which is currently 0.5mg (.05) per litre of blood.

Passing / Overtaking

On the highway or open road drivers must stay in the left lane unless overtaking (right lane is for overtaking vehicles.) Please take care when driving on unfamiliar roads and note that crossing the centre line of the road on a blind crest or a curve is strictly prohibited.

Travel Distances

Tasmania is a relative small island enabling you to see a lot of the state within a short time frame. However, given the diversity of the state and the large amount of attractions to see and explore, we recommend you take your time to not only ensure your safety but take in all that Tasmania has to offer.

Reporting an accident

Drivers must stop and render assistance in the event that they come across an accident. In the event that you are involved in an accident the name and address of the driver and owner of the vehicles involved should be exchanged between the parties involved. In the event that there is personal injury or the possibility of injury arising from the accident, it must be reported immediately to the Police. The emergency number for Police, Fire and Ambulance in Tasmania is 000.

Seat belts and child restraints

It is compulsory for drivers and passengers to wear seat belts at all times whilst driving in Tasmania. Children must be properly restrained by an approved child restraint or adult seat belt if fitted to the vehicle.

Speed Limits

Speed limits in Tasmania are posted in kilometres per hour (km/h). The speed limit in most Tasmanian suburban streets is 40 km/h but drops to 40 km/hr in some city and school areas. Please note that if there is no speed limit sign, then the limit is 40 km/h in that street. 

Night Driving

You must drive with your headlights and rear lights on between sunset and sunrise. During days with conditions of poor visibility, it is also recommended that you drive with your lights on. Low beam must be used in suburban areas.  Using high beam on the open road allows for the best visibility, remembering to dip your headlights when an approaching vehicle is within 200m.

Traffic & PARKING Infringements

If you are fined, you should try to pay the fine yourself. Alternatively, the fine will be sent to us and we will in turn forward the traffic infringement notice or parking fines. This will be done through the Tasmanian Police.  An administration fee will be charged in accordance with your rental agreement.

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